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I’ve worked closely with Sian for many years, day to day and on many complex change projects. Sian is extremely talented, knowledgeable and very personable. Staff warm to her and I would not hesitate in highly recommending her to any business. With Sian you not only get the knowledge and support you also get a great people person and someone who is always considerate and willing to help.

Jeremy Fisher - Chief Operating Officer, Edit and Relish Agency

I had the pleasure of working with Sian and she is undoubtedly one of the most personable and talented professionals in her field.  Able to manage both company people requirements and individuals equally and fairly, Sian is a huge asset to any organisation big or small.  For any HR advice or hands on requirements I'd recommend you speak to Sian immediately.

Craig Carr - Director Redstone Digital

I've worked with Sian for almost 10 years during which, she was responsible for leading all aspects of a very small Human Resources department within a business of approximately 250 personnel. Sian's skills in managing such a wide range of personnel affairs' are significant. She is compassionate, honest, hardworking and committed to providing the very best representation for employees whilst ensuring the business needs are equally considered and addressed. She has successfully managed some very difficult employee situations and throughout these, always maintained a position of trust in the best interests of the individual involved.


I would not think twice about engaging Sian in any future HR needs.

Martin Spencer - Senior Technical Manager, Avon Protection

Sian is a remarkable People Business Partner. She creates strategies aligned to the needs of the business, she builds capability within and across organisations via her extensive network of candidates and recruiters and Sian leads teams with passion to deliver on business goals. Sian has delivered countless change over the years, automating many manual processes, implementing people strategies that have direct impact to the bottom line and has co-led culture change across many different types of organisations; not always organisations at the forefront of colleague wellbeing, digital transformation and optimised target operating models. Sian’s ability to deal with complexity - and indeed complexity within business matrices - is what stands Sian out from other HR Directors.


On a personal level Sian makes time for all those colleagues, of many levels, around her. Coaching senior colleagues, developing her peers and team, and driving the acquisition and retention of highly skilled individuals. Sian gets things done, in the right way, and the business and those around her are stronger as a result. Incredibly organised and forward thinking but also highly inclusive and engaging. A real pleasure to work with and a great asset around the Board table.

Sarah Hooper - Head of Marketing, Saga Plc

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