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Our story

The business was established during the Covid-19 pandemic by Sian Cox, when she recognised that there were a large number of small and medium sized businesses who were not big enough to have internal HR, but they still required the same HR support.

In July 2020 People Connections was founded and since then, has partnered with clients to deliver a complete out-sourced HR solution.


To facilitate people practices for small and medium-sized businesses, whilst mitigating risks, and considering social and environmental impacts. To deliver professional HR business partnerships in a personable, honest and ethical manner.

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Sian Cox

Founder of People Connections

​I have had the benefit of working in different industry sectors and specialisms over the years, which has given me a greater understanding of the various working practices between different teams and industries, but my real passion for working with and supporting people developed in 2004 when I decided to dive into the world of human resources.

I find HR fascinating as it is constantly changing and something new happens daily, which means I am continuously learning new skills. The variation that I thrive on though, can create a real headache for business owners who don't have HR experience, and it can be difficult and time-consuming for you to manage. That's where outsourcing your HR work can be hugely cost effective by giving you back your precious time to achieve business results.

I have worked predominantly within the manufacturing, marketing and technology sectors since 2004.

These are contrasting industries; manufacturing tends to be very process driven with trade unions whereas others are much more creative and informal. One thing that they all have in common, is that they have all been fundamental in giving me a really broad range of understanding and skills to manage both formal and flexible practices. I believe that flexibility is key when you are dealing with people, as every person and situation could be different; there always needs to be a degree of pragmatism when you are handling human relationships.

I am proud of my ability to communicate with people at all levels. My emotional intelligence enables me to connect with people and, as a trained mental health first aider I am able to understand and empathise with them, whilst managing the needs of the business. I have always been a valuable conduit for connecting businesses and people together, which is why I chose the name People Connections.

I have developed extensive expertise in implementing 'first time HR' for growing businesses, as well as managing organisational change in established businesses, with particular focus on redundancy, mergers, TUPE transfers and relocations.

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Examples of some of my achievements are:

  • Implementing HR practices and systems from scratch in numerous businesses

  • Merger of 4 separate businesses in 2018 and relocation of 3 businesses to a central city location

  • Successful TUPE transfer during merger, of over 100 staff

  • Achieved a 25% reduction in headcount through a comprehensive programme of redundancy and negotiations

  • Successful completion of a redundancy programme in 2007/2008, in which 65 members of staff were made redundant.

  • Company acquisition in 2009, handling a due diligence project and TUPE transfer of 175 employees

  • Implemented a Sponsorship Management System twice, from which both firms were granted a sponsorship licence as an “A” rated sponsor.

  • Successful relocation programme for over 200 manufacturing employees.


More about me

I live in a quiet little village on the outskirts of Chippenham in the county of Wiltshire, with my husband Martin, my dog Pixie and my cat Poppy, and I have a grown up step-son.

I am happy to travel to the surrounding areas and, with easy access to the M4, I can travel further afield, if on-site support is needed.

When I'm not working, I love to spend time with family and friends, walking my dog, listening to local bands and watching a good film.

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