People Connections

Connecting People. Facilitating Change. Lightening Workloads.

People Connections is a Human Resource consultancy that helps SME's to introduce and manage people practices effectively. Specialising in 'first time' HR for start-up and scale-up businesses, we can help with growth and/or transformational changes. 


If you are a business owner who is having to manage HR practices yourself, or you don't have any practices in place, you would benefit from engaging an HR professional who can lighten your workload by implementing HR in a way that is flexible, pragmatic, and compliant with employment law guidelines. This will not only give you back valuable time to focus on delivering growth, it will mitigate risk to the business from potential people management issues.

Your people are undoubtedly your biggest asset, and, if you can keep them engaged and motivated, they will have a significant positive impact on your success. When reviewing your people practices we will always take into consideration your culture and values, and make them fit for you all.

It is important to ensure your HR practices are up to date and legally compliant and that you and your leaders have the know-how to manage employee relations and communication confidently. This, in turn will improve connectivity with your people and ensure they are invested in helping you to achieve your goals.

We can help you to implement people practices and documentation such as employment contracts, staff handbook and policies and procedures, or project manage more complex transformational changes. 

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Mission Statement

Facilitating people practices for small and medium-sized businesses, whilst mitigating risks, and considering social and environmental impacts. Delivering professional HR business partnerships in a personable, honest and ethical manner.


Working from Home

Covid 19 

The world is currently in the depths of a pandemic, and we have had to take action,

both personally, and in business, which is completely alien to us. This has resulted in businesses having to completely rethink ways of working across the globe.

Covid-19 is likely to affect working practices for a long time to come and flexible resourcing will continue to be needed, to maintain essential services. If your staff are already able to work remotely, then you may be wondering whether to make the current arrangements more permanent, to keep people safe and to reduce your overhead costs. You may also be having to consider how to restructure or reduce your operations to safeguard your business. 

With extensive experience in restructuring, we can help you assess your current working terms and implement any temporary or permanent changes you may be considering.